Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld

I’ve never thought of myself as a feminist, and never have I ever presented myself as one.

This is mainly because although I do of course believe in equal rights, opportunities, and voices for women, I strongly believe that the term “feminist” is being overused in such dramatic ways.

It’s definitely great that modern society is gradually learning to be inclusive, from diminishing racism little by little to now, sexism. However, because we live in such an era where some people are active regarding the movement of feminism and overuse the term, it’s gradually losing its original authenticity and power.

Even for me, when I hear someone introducing themselves as feminists, I can’t help but to feel and say, “Not again” in my mind.

The song I’m reacting to today, “Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld, is definitely a song that can be categorized in the “feminist” genre.

However, this song is different.

Although it’s a feministic song empowering women, it’s not your stereotypical “Girls Run the World” type of song.

Maybe it’s because even though it focuses completely on girls, it describes different types of girls so that it’s not stereotyped too much.

Maybe it’s because it describes how it’s okay to be different, yet still be labeled as a “girl”.

Maybe it’s because it’s a song that gives you confidence and pride that you’re a girl.

And not just A girl, but a girl like “most girls”.

It’s okay to be like everyone else.

Being a part of “most girls” is cool too.





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